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BBQ chicken


Posted 5:48 pm, 10/23/2020

The absolutely easiest way is to make the original bbq sauce and keep in the fridge. Then when you want bbq chicken, get a well browned rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Coat in the saucce, warm in the oven, save some sauce for dipping. This is the recipe that I have: 1/4 Cup oil, juice of 3 lemons 3T salt, 1t black pepper, 1T brown sugar, 2Cups vinegar, 2T Worcestershire sauce, 1/2t crushed red pepper, dash paprika, 1T ketchup. My granddaughter sits and goes mmm eating this.


Posted 3:24 pm, 07/26/2018

bushman this is Debbie and bobby mcgrady we used sell chicken nests at the cattle sell beside you would you email me the original bbq sauce the fire departments gave you and tell me how to get the chicken to hood the sauce and if you have goodwill recipe I would greatly appreciate it hope you are well


Posted 12:58 pm, 06/17/2009

You're welcome Nutboy .
I have a copy of the original that was given to the fire depts .
If you want a copy of it pm me with a e-mail address and I'll send it to you.


Posted 12:12 pm, 06/17/2009

I was a member of one of those scout troops back in the 50's-60's that used this fund raiser for camping expenses and other items. My dad used to purchase a case of chicken 1/2's from Holly Farms back then and would BBQ then using the same sauce and method's that we scouts did.

Wewould then take these and wrap them individualy in heavy duty aluminum foil for eating in the winter. Mom would simply thaw out as many halves as the 4 of us could eat, place them in the oven in the foil that they were packed in, on warm ( a little under 200 degree's) until heated through ( sorry, I can't remember how long that was). Generaly she would serve this up with corn or beans that we had frozen or canned during the summer. It was just as good then as it was the day it came off the grill!

I want to say that there were approx. 30-32 halves in a case back then, but whatever the quantity, it was enough for us to eat BBQ chicken about once per week in the winter. Course though now, with all of the fancy gas grills, smoker's, etc., that are available most folks probably just cook some up whenever the urge hits. But it was fun and very good "eatin" back in those days!

BTW, Bushman, thanks for reprinting the recipe that Mr. Pratt used. I had lost my copy and was still making something similar to his, just couldn't remember the correct quantities of ingredients.


Posted 1:50 pm, 06/13/2009

Thanks a bunch. Think I will try that tonite!


Posted 3:32 pm, 06/12/2009

Mr. Pratt's Chicken Grilling Sauce
This is the Original Recipe from Mr.Pratt
(Wilkes Home extension agent 1960) .
The recipe was given to fire depts and community centers for cooking chicken to raise money.
Ingredents for 6 halves
Butter or Margarine 1/4lb
Lemon (juiced) 1
Vinegar 4 oz
Salt 5 tsp
Black Pepper 1/2 tps
Red Pepper 1/3tsp
Increase amount of spices by 1/3 for more flavor
Place Butter and vinegar in sauce pot ,add pepper ,
salt and lemon juice simmer for 30 minutes
Brush liberally while grilling,when you turn chicken
brush with sauce.


Posted 11:54 am, 06/12/2009

Can anyone tell me how to fix bbq chicken like people sell @ Memorial Park? Like the Boy Scouts/Churches/Eastern Stars or other groups that have the moist, kind of spicy chicken halves that they sell as fundraisers? Thanks!

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